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*Must Be 18 Years Of Age To Receive Services

We look forward to providing you with excellent care and service!

Please read our booking policy before booking your appointment.

  • All deposits are non-refundable.

  • Please make sure your hair is the length of a grain of rice. Do not shave or trim at least 3 weeks before your service.

  • You must go online to cancel or reschedule no less than 48hrs before your appointment (otherwise the system will not allow it even if it is one minute over). Please text (757) 541-8244 to notify us of cancellation.

  • You are allowed one reschedule if you leave a deposit.
    Rescheduled appointments must be no more than 30 days of original appointment.

  • You are allowed only ONE reschedule for each scheduled appointment. If rescheduling happens often it can result in not being able to schedule services in the future.

  • Pay later option only pertains to services $200 or more with a 6% transaction fee applied on the day of service.

  • Masks are required.

  • If you are currently on Accutane/ Isotretinoin you are NOT eligible for any services at The Wax Spot.



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Pay with Cherry

Age Management and Photodamage Correction






Results were achieved in only five months of treatment.


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